Mac OS X and Firefox – opening a new tab

There is a bug in Firefox on Mac OS X that opening a new tab from the command line (using the -new-tab option) doesn’t work – it tries to open a new copy of Firefox and fails: This seems to be a known issue that won’t be fixed (Bug 393645) – apparently something to do […]

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Changing the default browser in Thunderbird

I have spent a very long time trying to work out how to change the default browser in Thunderbird on Linux. All the tutorials I’ve found tell you to edit settings through the Advanced preferences menu, or by editing prefs.js. Neither of these worked for me. After a lot of exploration, I’ve discovered that there’s […]

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Getting Voicemails on Skype for Android

I’m a recent arrival in the world of Android, but not in the world of Skype. So getting Skype on my Android tablet was a high priority. In general it works as you’d expect (aside from the occasional crash). However, receiving voicemails is far from obvious, and after a lot of messing about I’ve worked […]

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Installing add-ons in recent Thunderbird versions

With the recent release of Thunderbird 8.0 (and possibly 7.0 – I didn’t check), the Mozilla folks have made a small change to the way add-ons are installed from downloaded files. Until the last version, opening the Add-ons page (Tools -> Add-ons) allowed you to install add-ons from downloaded files by clicking a separate Install […]

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Get your shared items back in Google Reader

Following my last post, I’ve been hunting around for a way to get at my shared items from Google Reader since Google saw fit to remove them without giving anyone fair warning that they were going to do it. Naturally I’m not the only one wanting to do this, and cleverer people than I have […]

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