eplanet update

Just as the Mayans prepare to take us all down from beyond their rather ancient graves, e17 has moved into the final stages of beta. In the process of going through beta cycles more quickly than I could keep up, a couple of things changed that broke eplanet. Now it’s fixed, and you can see […]

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eplanet changes

I’ve finally made the switch from compiling e17 from the SVN repository to using the PPA so generously generated by Luis Felipe Strano Moraes. From this point onwards I will only develop eplanet against the latest release, be it alpha, beta or full release. To that end I now have to report that eplanet doesn’t […]

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I’m back! And so is eplanet!

Well, after a lot of futzing around I’ve got my build/debug environment back – in a manner of speaking at least. It’s enough for me to fix eplanet, anyway. Just a missing null check that I was getting away with before…

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eplanet broken

There have been some fairly major changes in e of late, which have resulted in the eplanet module no longer working – it causes e to crash. I’ll be looking at fixing this up over the weekend with any luck. Update 21st October 2012: Something fishy is happening with my installation of e, where the […]

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eplanet fixed again

After a recent update of e, eplanet started segfaulting when closing the config dialog. Now it doesn’t.

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