Mendeley icon

Another icon to add to the collection – this time for the Mendeley Desktop citation manager. Exciting stuff, as I’m sure you’ll agree. As always, you can find it on the Linux Icons page.

December 17, 2011   Tags: icons  No Comments

Inkscape Icon

Another icon for the collection – this time it’s Inkscape. As usual, you can download it (and many others) from the Linux Icons page.

July 17, 2011   Tags: icons, site-news  No Comments

Matlab Icon

There’s a new icon for Matlab on the Linux Icons page. This uses an SVG icon created by malte.

August 7, 2010   Tags: icons  No Comments

Gnomine Icon

A new icon for Gnomine, the GNOME Minsweeper clone. You can download it from the Icons page.

February 6, 2010   Tags: icons  No Comments

Updated Songbird Icon

The Songbird icon has been updated with the newest, none-more-black version of the application icon (from Songbird 1.4.1). You can download it from the Icons page. Update 03/03/2010: Fixed the download link.

January 9, 2010   Tags: icons  No Comments