YouTube changes and XBMC

For the last few months, Google has been encouraging us to fully merge our YouTube and Google accounts, presumably so things can get more integrated with Google Plus and whatnot. I’ve resisted this as long as I can, but it’s no longer possible to do that and still use the YouTube add-on for XBMC. The […]

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Get your shared items back in Google Reader

Following my last post, I’ve been hunting around for a way to get at my shared items from Google Reader since Google saw fit to remove them without giving anyone fair warning that they were going to do it. Naturally I’m not the only one wanting to do this, and cleverer people than I have […]

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Timezones in Google Calendar

I had a small nerdgasm recently when I discovered that Google Calendar has finally added the ability to specify the time zone in which an event will happen. This is great for entering events organised by people in other time zones – you can simply enter the time and the time zone together (there’s a […]

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