Poor neglected weathercam

I’ve recently moved house, which has obviously necessitated taking the machine that controls the weathercam offline for a few days. While the machine itself is back up and running, I have yet to reconnect the camera and point it out of a suitable window. I will do this at some point, but there are other […]

February 18, 2013   Tags: site-news  No Comments

Inkscape Icon

Another icon for the collection – this time it’s Inkscape. As usual, you can download it (and many others) from the Linux Icons page.

July 17, 2011   Tags: icons, site-news  No Comments

Site Redesign

The site is undergoing a bit of an overhaul. Hopefully when it’s uploaded to the live server, everything will work straight away, but I won’t be surprised if it doesn’t. If you find that things aren’t working, please be patient – I’m working on it!

December 28, 2009   Tags: site-news  No Comments