eplanet update

A couple of updates to the eplanet module today:

First, I think I’ve eliminated all the situations where the background update failed. However, I haven’t been using it long enough to be certain, so you may still find it happens. If you do see eplanet fail, please send me the contents of your ~/.xsession-errors file so I can try to track down what happened.

Second, I’ve prevented the scenario where the target and source planets can be set to the same body – this caused XPlanet to have a small fit and sulk. I’ve unfortunately prevented the Random/Random combination of target/source, which is allowed – I’ll fix that up in due course.

I’m currently working on my pet feature of allowing the viewing position (latitude/longitude) to be read from a file instead of being specified in the configuration, so external programs can set the lat/lon according to other data. I know this isn’t the most pressing thing that’s needed in the module, but it’s my code and I want to do it. So there.

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