HTML5 Video and Safari for Windows

I’ve recently been messing around with embedding videos on web pages, which has gone reasonably well. Like a good little boy I’ve been testing it on a few browser/platforms to see if it works.

Imagine my consternation when my installation of the latest-and-greatest Safari (5.0.5) on Windows had a big sulk and refused to have anything to do with my moving pictures. I was baffled by this for a good while, until it occurred to me that I’d downloaded Safari without QuickTime installed – after all, I only wanted it for testing purposes. Since Apple don’t want you to do anything multimedia-y without QuickTime, I downloaded and installed it on a hunch, and suddenly my videos were working like a charm.

The moral of the story? If you want Safari to be compliant with the latest and greatest HTML5 goodies, you need to install an extra 73Mb of software for the privilege.

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