UK2, Rails and Firewalls

I’ve just started using for some web hosting tasks. Thus far the experience has been a positive one, and in any case I’m not one to publicly slag off companies.

One wrinkle I did discover yesterday, though – their firewall is remarkably sensitive to any unexpected traffic, and will block an IP for any activity it deems to be unusual. This has implications for using their Ruby on Rails setup.

When you create a Ruby on Rails app, it is set to run on your domain on a high port (12000+). Their system does allow you to set up a redirect, so that accessing a specific URL or subdomain will be seamlessly passed through to the Rails app. Actually, this turns out to be mandatory – if you try to access the app directly through its high port, the UK2 firewall will deem this to be malicious traffic and instantly block your IP address.


  1. Hi,

    Thanks for this feedback.

    We’re sorry that this is dampening your UK2 experience, however it is an issue we are trying to resolve. I’m sure you can understand that we do have to find a balance between convenience and security, but we don’t want to hamper the user more than necessary.

    I have passed your comments onto our technical department.

    Robin @UK2

  2. I moved to a VPS solution a long time ago, so I can’t give you any up-to-date information.

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