Feedly, Pocket and IFTTT – with added videos

Feedly is my favourite RSS feed aggregator. The feature I use most is Save For Later, which does pretty much what you’d expect. This is great for storing up articles for when I have more time, but it’s a bit clunky for individual pages I come across – copy the URL, go to Feedly, paste it in.

For a while I was using Pocket for these ‘single page’ finds, because it has a nice Firefox extension to add pages in a single click:


This works really nicely, except now I have things stored in two different places. Not ideal. At this point, IFTTT comes to the rescue. I can create a recipe that takes anything I save in Pocket, and copy it straight into my Saved For Later list in Feedly. Genius.


A natural extension to this idea is to save videos for later watching. YouTube both has a Watch Later feature, and IFTTT can watch for these, so it’s trivial to create a recipe that adds Watch Later videos to Feedly’s Save For Later. Unfortunately, Feedly doesn’t seem to be able to extract the video titles from these videos, so your list of items gets a bit vague:


It turns out that Pocket is able to get the titles successfully, so the solution is simple. Create recipes that submit Watch Later videos to Pocket, and then the Pocket to Feedly recipe will transfer them – with the video titles intact.


Sadly the site name is still broken, but I can live with that. More sadly, this trick doesn’t work with Vimeo videos. I may have to prod Feedly and/or Vimeo to see if they can work out how to rectify it. But still, it’s an improvement for YouTube, and sometimes we just have to take what we can get.

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