Xplanet background images in e17

eplanet is a module for Enlightenment e17 that generates XPlanet images as backgrounds.


The module provides a nice user interface for the most commonly used XPlanet options, with the ability to add extra command line options for the more complex features. You can also specify how often the background is updated, and set system limits to ensure that the background won’t update when your system is particularly busy to avoid slowing things down.

Current Status

WORKING (22nd December 2012, version 0.17.0).

The module is in its early development stages, so ‘working’ means that it will change your background and won’t actually crash (in most cases). It may not always work as expected, and not all features are implemented. The module is only tested against official alpha, beta and full releases, so if you compile from SVN it may not work even though I say it does above. If you’re using a release and find that it doesn’t work for you, let me know.

Download and Installation

There are no official releases yet, and the module must be compiled from source. NOTE that whenever e is updated you will have to re-compile the module to get it to work again.

You can obtain the current source code from Google Code. You can download and install the module using the following commands:

svn checkout http://eplanet.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/ eplanet-read-only
cd eplanet-read-only
sudo make install

When you re-start e17, you’ll find the Eplanet module in the Settings section of the Module List. Load the module, then add it as a gadget on your desktop or in a shelf.


Documentation for the module will follow shortly, and will be updated as progress is made.

In the meantime, to get the module working once you’ve compiled and installed it: Load the module into e17 as you would for any other module. A Gadget will then be available that you can put on your desktop or in a shelf.

Bugs and Issues

Known bugs and upcoming features can be found on the Issues page – feel free to add your own and I’ll look into them. For any other comments and questions, you can contact me direct (details on the Contact page).

Keeping up to date

There is no official changelog for the eplanet module at this stage, since the development is still in its early stages. Updates to the eplanet module will be recorded in my main blog, using the eplanet tag. You can subscribe to the eplanet feed using the link beneath the screenshot below.

Subscribe to the eplanet RSS feed.

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